St Jean – St Laurent

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This stage, an 11km stretch of road in the southernmost tip of the French Alps running between the Col St Laurent and the village of St Jean, is arguably the perfect tarmac rally stage. Boasting twenty-seven hairpins interspersed with technical turns and high-speed straights, you will need all your focus and skill to get to the end without an off. It is famous for a 750m section with eight hairpin turns and regularly features in the Rallye Antibes Côte d’Azur, as well as the Rallye Monte Carlo every few years.

  • two layouts with two separate sets of replay cameras, track maps etc
  • 24 pits for online play
  • accurate road elevation derived from LIDAR data recently made available by the French government
  • beautiful 3d model with terrain generated using professional software
  • 1.5 million vertex physical mesh with variable surface grip levels
  • full integration with latest version of CSP
  • lighting system optimized for use with both Sol and PURE
  • 3d trees instancing (please read the README.pdf in the track folder)
  • vertex ambient occlusion for each layout

To install, drop the entire zipped folder into Content Manager

22 reviews for St Jean – St Laurent

  1. piotr.sielilo (verified owner)

    awesome work !!!

  2. Manuel De Samaniego (verified owner)

    Fantastic stage, love doing it with the Xsara kit car, keeping the revs high on the hairpins is a challenge with the FWD

  3. christian felicelli (verified owner)

    excellent !!! mais alors excellent de chez excellent !! je connais ton travail depuis quelque temps et j’ai toujours dit que tu avais du talent et je confirme ! tu nous a fait une monte d’enfer !! la végétation est beaucoup plus réaliste que d’habitude bravo ! le ressenti au sol est top !!! sur mon DD2 c’est excellent ! la je vais faire une reprise de matos ou le gars a un simucube ultimate avec pédalier hydraulique bref le top et normalement je devrais passer commande chez prosimu pour une plateforme 5 vérins donc j’ai hâte de teste en dynamique. je vais te faire une pub d’enfer a travers ma chaine Twitch et ma chaine youtube. encore bravo

  4. PAJ SCHOENMAKERS (verified owner)

    Awesome track,
    never liked the rally tracks in AC so far but this one is different.
    The amount of realism is very high. Immersion in VR is fantastic.
    Keep up the good work!

  5. Glenn Summers (verified owner)

    Awesome track. 3d trees look great, no fps hit for me. Excellent work. Uber scary in VR!

  6. Jeon yesung (verified owner)

    Optimization well, good quality!

  7. Yves Bonté (verified owner)

    crazy work 🤩
    I play in VR and dynamic on cylinders and the immersion is incredible 😍
    big work on the details, on the relief of the road, the trees, the mud, the asphalt everything is there!!!🤘😎
    at this price do not deprive yourself of it !!!

    it’s simple every time a great course comes out a special I buy with my eyes closed and never disappointed 💪

    William continues to bring us out full full of ES 🤩

  8. Ramon Salles (verified owner)

    No words!!!! Absolutely amazing!!!! Incredible work in details, textures, road feeling…. The best of the best!!! Thanks a lot William

  9. cedric.vitry2 (verified owner)

    La meilleure spéciale tout jeu confondu. J’ai même du mal à jouer aux autres maintenant. On en veut encore des comme ça!

  10. JOAN TORRENT (verified owner)

    A really spectacular stretch with great realism, thank you

  11. Antunes jean-marc (verified owner)

    Superbe réalisation, le choix de la spéciale est fantastique avec toutes ces épingles, la modélisation est top…
    Un grand bravo pour le travail effectué, vivement la suite !!!!!

  12. Coste Jean-Philippe (verified owner)

    Simplement magnifique !!!! Bravo pour ce travail d’une très grande qualité. 👏👏👍

  13. djamil.dindar (verified owner)

    pas d’autres mots que de dire que cette ES est exceptionnelle ! bravo

  14. Jörn Schuchter (verified owner)

    Top Arbeit, beste Rally Strecken im Netz

  15. whistleblower624 (verified owner)

    Amazing job, probably the best mountain road mod out there, simply amazing

  16. klanggespuer (verified owner)

    Like all the other tracks top notch, very good graphics, excellent road mesh and rally feel in Assetto Corsa. Together with Semtin my new rally favourite. More !!!

  17. nikos (verified owner)

    update 1.0 next update ?

  18. ara


  19. Alberto Baglietto (verified owner)

    Great job!!!!!

  20. Simone (verified owner)

    Best race

  21. ddd ddd

    Great detail, and immersion, but going on track day doesn’t work because there is no ai file in the track I think

  22. kimi


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