Sa Calobra

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This 11km stretch up from the Spanish village of Sa Calobra is mainly known as a cycling route, but it is also regularly used as a stage for the Rally Clasico de Mallorca. The mix of narrow straights, severe cliff faces and never-ending hairpins makes for an extremely tricky but rewarding driving experience.


This pack contains:

  • 3 layouts (2 competition stages – uphill and downhill – and a freeroam layout)
  • 24 pits for online play
  • detailed 1.5million point physical mesh
  • maps and replay cameras
  • full Custom Shaders Patch integration (it is recommended that CSP and Sol are used with this track)

To install, simply drag and drop the .7z file into Content Manager (or extract and install manually if using base game).

8 reviews for Sa Calobra

  1. tom.salvadore (verified owner)

    Awesome !

  2. Björn (verified owner)

    Probably one of Europes most famous hillclimbs, not only for cyclists :-). Beautifully executed map with convincing roadmesh, looks and feels like the real thing. And of course at the start(end) you have the famous tie knot corner. very well done !

  3. Verdes garage

    Recreada a la perfección! no puedo estar más contento. un 10

  4. carlos verdes (verified owner)

    Un graan trabajo de diseño!! Soy de la isla y es un tramo muy conocido y realmente increible, es una alegria muy grande al ver que porfin lo tenemos para assetto, Gracias amigo!

  5. rsracer (verified owner)

    Missing A LOT of plants & trees.. this trackmod looks very empty.
    Will you update this?

    • william

      ? The lower section is covered with trees. The lack of trees in the upper section reflects the place in real life.
      GrassFx should be enabled for this track.

  6. momo riffi (verified owner)

    Espectacular ,muy bien recreado Gran trabajo Soy de Mallorca este tramo me lo se perfectamente GRACIAS !,.10/10

  7. jean benammou

    excellent track

  8. Mark (verified owner)

    Wow, just amazing!

    I have cycled up Sa Calobra on about 3 occasions… I can honestly say every single inch is painfully burned into my heart and mind alike!

    You have done a superb job to capture the majesty of this challenging road painted up to and over the Puig Major in Mallorca..

    Cheers for all your hard work, it’s greatfully appreciated indeed

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