Pacenotes/Co-driver (English)

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Pacenote sound files – a slight improvement on the default robot voice, but probably needs a bit more hype… will re-do them if I can find the time.


  1. Download and install the Patrick Brunner co-driver mod, carefully following the instructions
  2. Test it out to see if it works in game (might need to enable Python apps in Content Manager)
  3. Download the zipped pacenotes folder on this page
  4. Find the default sound files for the co-driver app (directory should be: My Documents>Assetto Corsa>plugins>Codriver>VoiceENG)
  5. Extract the sound files found in my VoiceENG folder and replace the Patrick Brunner VoiceENG files with them

Detailed instructions for using the app can be found on the Patrick Brunner website listed above.

2 reviews for Pacenotes/Co-driver (English)

  1. Samuele

    Ciao. Sorry for the trouble, but why is my co-driver folder not in the plugins but apps (python) folder? When I replace the files the voice does not change. Many thanks in advance. In doubt 5 stars xD

    • william

      Hi, there are 2 folders created I think. 1 is in the apps folder in the assetto game directory (steam>steamapps>assettocorsa) and the other is in My Documents>Assetto Corsa. This My Documents folder contains the plugins folder where you can change the voice files.
      Also, this guy Sim Vansevenant made some voice files which are better than my ones – you can get them here: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/ac-english-voice-pack-for-co-driver-mod.47109/

  2. Timothy Bryan T. Omanito (verified owner)

    Why the app is not showing up on ingame

    • william

      Enable python apps in Content Manager

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