Le Moulinon – Antraigues

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Legendary Monte Carlo rally stage running through the tiny roads of the Ardèche from the town of le Moulinon, past the villages of St Julien du Gua, St Joseph des Bancs and Genestelle, and finishing up just outside Antraigues-sur-Volane.

Created from scratch using EU height datasets as well as various other sources of data, this 40km long track will test your focus and endurance as you hurtle down its technical, twisting lanes. The track comes complete with replay cameras and maps (although the maps for the longer sections are very zoomed out – recommending using the Patrick Brunner Codriver App or using a car with SatNav like the BMW 1M), 16 pits for online play, timing gates with 24h starting semaphore, 2million vertex physical mesh, integration with CSP, etc.

Many thanks to David Felipe SimRacing for the semaphore.

With this download you will find the following seven layouts:

  • Moulinon-Antraigues with dry asphalt surface, 40.8km
  • Moulinon-Antraigues with mixed surface (asphalt, snow & ice), 40.8km
  • Antraigues-Moulinon with dry asphalt surface, 40.6km
  • Antraigues-Moulinon with mixed surface (asphalt, snow & ice), 40.6km
  • Sector 1: Village Tour with dry asphalt, 14.9km
  • Sector 2: Valley Run with dry asphalt, 13.4km
  • Sector 3: To the Summit with snow & ice only, 7.3km


Stay tuned for free updates: I am working on animated stewards and also an improvement to the RainFX integration for some objects.

28 reviews for Le Moulinon – Antraigues

  1. Anthony fortun

    Je mets déjà 5 étoiles car ça va être du top comme dab 😍😍

  2. Adrien Villemagne (verified owner)

    Je te donne 5 étoiles pour le travail de fou que tu as réalisé !!👏👏👏

  3. JOSE CARLOS AGUILAR MEDINA (verified owner)


    I did a training pass last night. Amazing.

    Just a question. What is going to be your next project?

    I hope it will be another long tarmac stage of rally.

  4. damianvega (verified owner)


    Nice Work!!

  5. museletchristophe (verified owner)

    Juste magnifique, connaissant bien la spéciale; je reconnais très bien certains passages.
    Pour moi, c’est de très loin la plus belle spéciale de rallye sur Assetto.
    Bravo, je me languis de voir votre prochain projet…

  6. Ed Koning (verified owner)

    the track is a masterpiece the level of detail is stunning A++++

  7. oscarpastor (verified owner)

    Great track


    super boulot mec contue comme sa

  9. Robert WALKOWIAK (verified owner)

    Quelle Spéciale de folie on en veut encore et encore. Super boulot c’est la plus belle ES sur laquelle j’ai roulé, merci pour ce taf de dingue.
    Quel projet pour la prochaine juste pour nous allécher un peu quoique vu la qualité du job on prendra. 👍👍👍👍😜

  10. stburr91 (verified owner)

    These stages will push you to the limits of your abilities to stay focused, and not make rally ending mistakes, but it is very rewarding to survive 40k of the challenging twists, and turns of this excellent Le Moulinon stage. As mentioned by the creator the co-driver mod is recommended for these stages, it’s well worth the time it takes to createthe pace notes.

    This is yet another amazing stage by Super Stage, I highly recommend all of his stages, as all are as good, or better than any user made stages/tracks out there for Assetto Corsa.

  11. Egor Hrishunin (verified owner)

    Impressive work! Animated marshals are what is need for a complete immersion in VR. The asphalt at the top of the pass seems too clean. It would be great if there were more snow spots on the road! Thank you very much for your work

  12. Arsackhinen

    Bravo travail extraordinaire.
    Route un peu trop large sur le 1er tiers, mais ça reste extraordinaire.

    Remerciement d’un ardechois

  13. Tom LAURETTE (verified owner)

    Magnifique, le soucis du détail est là ! Bravo et merci :p

  14. Luca Lazzarato

    il n’y a que quelques arrêts au stand et les mettre en place en 2024 serait génial pour les courses en ligne.

  15. iroNBiN

    Por fin he tenido tiempo y lo he podido correr, estoy ahora mismo editando el video para el canal.

    ¡Que autentica locura! Lo has vuelto a hacer, puedo decir con total seguridad que estamos ante el mejor tramo de rally de asfalto que he visto para Assetto Corsa. Y por si fuera poco con todas esas variantes, condiciones de pista diferentes y un total de 40km… que pasada!!

    Mis felicitaciones William!

  16. jose


  17. Victor Giovani Diaz Mendez (verified owner)


  18. jose_rayco1 (verified owner)

    impresionante menudo trabajo bien hecho, no dejas de sorprender
    felicitaciones William!

  19. Arjonsson (verified owner)

    Speechless! Best rally stage I ever experienced in SimRacing. Big congratulations for this terrific job!

  20. carlocho (verified owner)

    Chapó ,chavalote menuda currada 40 kms para fogar un ratito

  21. Alessandro Falabrino (verified owner)

    WOW! Incredible! A really good job!

  22. sebmor (verified owner)

    Je met 5 étoiles pour ce travail de fou que tu as effectué, bravo à toi,vivement la suite💪🤙

  23. b.sivacki (verified owner)

    Easily the best rally stages for AC. Very detailed and beautiful.

  24. daniel-motard

    bonjour….ou trouves tu les voitures pour tes video?

  25. michael muguet (verified owner)

    Wonderful track! Great work!

    I don’t put 5 start because of the shadows (and maybe VAO). I found a lack of AO, especially for the trees that have flat light

    But a must have!

  26. Nicolas CURINIER (verified owner)

    Bonjour tous,
    En temps que Ardéchois, cette spéciale est très bien faites, cela me rappel ma jeunesse quand je rouler sur cette spéciale lors de met début en 205 GTI 😉
    Très beau travail

  27. varosan89 (verified owner)


  28. bouker hafid (verified owner)

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