La Bollène-Vésubie

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Featuring as SS13 in this year’s Rallye Monte Carlo, this track follows a famous 10km stretch of the winding route from Bollène-Vésubie up to the Col de Turini.

  • 8 pits for online play
  • original & reverse layouts
  • hotlaps
  • 1.2million+ vertex physical road mesh
  • beautiful 3d model

This paid version includes the usual 10km stage as well as a reverse layout so you can rag it all the way back down again! Once payment has been made for this track, you will have free access to all and any future updates to it.

Future updates to include: spectators, more collideable objects (like trees), audio sources & reverb, etc.


10 reviews for La Bollène-Vésubie

  1. jpg 69 (verified owner)

    C’est une réussite absolue. Fantastique boulot! Merci.

  2. NitruousFab (verified owner)

    Awesome work MAN! Superb!!! Highquality Traxx.. Realy love it!

  3. Dan Atkinson (verified owner)

    Loved this stage from the first incarnation on RD so i had to come here to buy it =)
    always keen for good quality rally stages, keep em coming =)

  4. DarthRAYzie (verified owner)

    Easily the best rally stage-type track I’ve ever driven in AC. It has great visuals, performance and road surface making it fun to drive in every way.

  5. technoracerx (verified owner)

    This one is going to be BIG! Best Hill-Climb for AC, so immersive and fun. Loving it 🙂 Thank you

  6. nascarjgfan (verified owner)

    Fantastic. By far my favorite hill climb for AC. It’s well optimized while looking great and fun to drive.

  7. Charles Mastery

    C’est genial

  8. haywoood (verified owner)

    i dont think there is a better modder when it comes to courses like these, i have every single track this guy has made,, to be honest his tracks are worth alot more than what hes asking….. im patiently waiting for another track to release..

  9. ettie apple (verified owner)

    Absolutely beautiful track, probably the best rallying experience in Assetto Corsa. Not completely finished, but already of the highest quality

  10. Luca Pezzotta (verified owner)

    when release this track with grass fx how in to youtube channel tnks a lot

    • william

      This track (Bollene-Vesubie) currently does not have a track config for GrassFX. Maybe I will have time to update it on the weekend
      Only La Cabanette has GrassFX

  11. dreamizer89 (verified owner)

    You made a great job. Fantastic. Really enjoyable stage. ^____^

  12. ktulu77


    I have actually tried to create a CSP config, it’s on RaceDepartment:

    You are welcome to embed it to your track if you want, and modify it to your needs. I had some struggle getting the right color for the grass.

  13. novascasanova (verified owner)

    no e podido descargarlo

    • william

      esta en “My Account”>>”Downloads” se puede descargar

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