La Cabanette – Col de Braus

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**UPDATED** – fixed checksum error occurring during online play. You can re-download the file from the “My Account” section of the website.

Treacherous 7km stretch starting from Baisse de la Cabanette in LucĂ©ram, France. This stage features eighteen hairpins connected by winding, narrow lanes with extreme gradients… steep drops abound.

It featured most recently as Special Stages 14 & 16 of the 2020 WRC Rallye Monte Carlo and has been completely modeled from scratch with reference to onboard footage from the event.

Try to get down in one piece.

  • two layouts with two separate sets of replay cameras, track maps etc
  • 16 pits for online play
  • beautiful 3d model derived from EU height datasets
  • detailed physical mesh
  • supports numerous Custom Shaders Patch features (in particular, it is advised that you enable GrassFX for this track)
  • multiple light sources (beware – includes camera flashes)
  • vertex ambient occlusion patches for each layout

To install, drop the entire zipped folder into Content Manager.

8 reviews for La Cabanette – Col de Braus

  1. Tom E (verified owner)

    Just incredible

  2. Chris drake (verified owner)

    A truly remarkable piece of work.there are several new innovations included with this fantastic piece of mountain road.

    Thank you.

  3. Benjamin ESCALES (verified owner)

    One of the best maps 🙂

  4. Chrismus (verified owner)

    Superbe travail, pour moi, une des plus belle spéciale sur Assetto Corsa .

  5. fortun (verified owner)

    Superbe travail j’ai hate de voir la suite <3

  6. k (verified owner)

    absolutely magnificent track.
    i love tarmac rallye, you did an amazing job.
    only little thing is some mountainwalls are not solid but let you go into the deep dark nothingness.
    stay on the road 🙂
    can’t wait to see more of your work !

  7. Alexander Showmebest (verified owner)

    Hi William,

    Just done some ride and this was above expectations. Mostly mean visual quality and those details around, physical mesh, CSP things .. etc. Thanks for this, will try more and will wait for something maybe not “rally” styled. Some exotic, rare small open-world track – will be Surprise.
    The details you place in the location give a good level of immersion. Some special style there, probably.
    (4 stars just for future and from believe, that tracks in AC can looks gorgeous)
    Some shots:

    Kind regards from

  8. haywood baker

    just like the others, this track is amazing, the attention to detail is insane.. worth every penny… you would never know its a mod

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